Metal Visual Art Customizable Wall Art

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Bring vibrant life to any space with our stunning Iron Hollow Silhouette Visual Art Custom Hanging Frame Wall Decor! From beloved pets to cherished family members, any photo can be transformed into art! Perfect for decoration in both your home and office, these frames make an ideal gift for friends and family.

Moss Color: Black+white

  •  Pattern can be customized
  •  Size can be customized
  •  Iron hollow visual effect
  •  Unique and creative style

Tips: Due to the artistic representation of the product, we recommend selecting the most suitable product ratio for you. Please use customized images that closely match the product ratio.

Size: (inch): 14*11"

Custom Preserved Moss Decor

Ensure your needs are met.

Fast Local Delivery

Arrives in 7-9 business days.

STEP 1 : Upload your photo

  • Fill in your custom information
  • Make sure to provide your email for future communication.

STEP 2 : Place your order

  • We accept various payment methods.
  • Once your order is paid for, our designer begins the creation process.

STEP 3: Artist your photo

  • made with care and simple black and white lines for amazing visuals. You can personalize portraits for unique gifts.
  • Great for homes or offices, these custom pieces are memorable.
  • We will contact you by email to confirm the final artwork.

STEP 4 : Received your product

  • After everything is ready, it will take about 15 days to make your product.
  • Once you receive your one-of-a-kind custom product, kindly write a review for us.

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