The product usage conditions must be met:

1) Moss products do not require watering or soil and require minimal maintenance.

2) Do not place outdoors. Keep the product indoors, away from fire sources and direct sunlight to prevent the moss from fading or drying out.

3) Please avoid frequent handling, folding, or pressing the product with your hands.

4) Keep in a moisture-free environment, with air humidity not exceeding 70% indoors.

5) After a period of display, gently blow off dust using a hairdryer on a cool setting.

6) If you notice the moss starting to dry out, do not water or spray any liquid on it. Dry moss may be due to excessively dry air or high temperatures; try increasing the humidity in the environment.

. Damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty.

. If there is a quality issue with the product, it can be repaired or returned/exchanged within 30 days. Before returning, contact customer service with pictures or videos for clarification, and they will arrange for repair or exchange.